As the name suggests, FELIP’s debut EP is a play on the many meanings of the word ‘complex’. Often used to describe something difficult to understand, a complex may also mean a facet of a person’s unconscious, influenced by their thoughts, emotions, and experiences. 

The songs aim inward - for listeners to be one with their thoughts and embrace their complexities, knowing that it makes them one-of-a-kind.


FELIP leaves all pretensions at the door as he ushers a new era with “ROCKSTA”, a genre-bending track that combines elements of hip-hop, pop-rap, and Japanese instrumental elements. Rockstars are known for a no-nonsense attitude and a laser kind of focus and control on the music they create, and this is exactly what  FELIP delivers in this pre-release single. “Too much, you can’t handle this”: a fitting declaration of things to come.


A mix of english and bisaya, FELIP gets down and honest in this hip-hop/rap track titled “SUPERIORITY”. Inspired by the line “the only one who can beat me is me” by Aomine Daike from Kuroko No Basket, FELIP raps about his experiences being likened to others, realizing that the key to genuine happiness is focusing on one’s self improvement instead.


FELIP takes pride in his Bisaya roots in this Jersey Club track called “MICTEST”. A go-to hype-me-up song for workouts, on one’s way to work, or for when one needs a punch of motivation - as FELIP would say “wanna see you try your best”


DRINKSMOKE” is a melodic rap song that tells about what goes through one's mind at their lowest point. “Face down - think I'm losing this game - all I got is the fear and the shame” ~ when most people hold on towards vices such as drinking and smoking, FELIP urges its listeners not judge people if one doesn’t know what the other is going through.


In this R&B track in COM•PLEX, FELIP shows his versatility by using two vocal characters to tell the story of “CRIMINAL'' - seemingly two personas, one of which a stronger force, talking to each other in English and Bisaya. FELIP tells his audience that it is human to have negative thoughts and feelings and it is through the process of self awareness that one is empowered to accept one’s self.


FELIP ends strong with the title track “STRAYDOGS” from COM•PLEX. A hip-hop track lined with bass, brass, horn, hi hats and other instruments that leaves you a strong message that whatever people throw at you ~ and whenever STRAYDOGS would bark, do not be affected by it. Go do what you gotta do.

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